Eat like a Buddhist Monk

Eat like a Buddhist Monk, The art of Japanese Temple Cuisine   Part of the joy of veganism is discovering beauty and artistry of plant-based cuisine in all its forms. Plants are the basis for every diet, so there is no country without its own collection of plant-based recipes, but there is perhaps no more […]

Vegan afternoon tea fundraising event

Vegan afternoon tea fundraising event On Sunday December 2nd, along with ALM and other activists, we held a fundraising event at U&Co to raise money for rescued animals. A group of talented, passionate and incredibly kind vegan activists baked a wide variety of cakes including almond cherry cake, carrot sponge, cookie butter cheesecake, chocolate praline […]

Earth Garden Workshop

At this year’s Earth Garden, Vegan Malta proudly held a workshop titled ‘Veganism for Animals, for Life’. We wanted to make this workshop as interactive and engaging as possible, by asking the audience questions throughout and ending with a Q&A session. We began the workshop by showing the audience a picture of two circles on […]

World Milk Day

June the 1st was World milk day where people around the World are encouraged to celebrate the benefits of The Dairy industry. This created an opportunity for Vegan Malta to take to the streets to let the general public know the hidden horrors behind this evil and money-making cruel Industry and to show what really […]

Plastic-free July: Breaking the habit

January is ‘Veganuary’, an opportunity for those who are curious about leading a vegan lifestyle to give it a try for a month, and hopefully, stick to it from then on. July is ‘Plastic-free July’, a similar concept which gives people the incentive to give up using plastic, finding alternatives along the way and becoming […]

Response to Malta Today’s article “Malta’s unlikely eco-warriors”

Response to Malta Today’s article “Malta’s unlikely eco-warriors” Desperate much? Clearly the decline in dairy products is taking a dramatic toll globally, and Malta is no exception. Through sheer desperation, farmers are trying to find ways to cover up the very reasons in which people are choosing to ditch dairy, as well as injecting millions […]

Loud Silence in Malta

On November 25th, Vegan Malta held a protest at St Anne’s Square in Sliema that is known internationally as ‘Loud Silence’. In this silent protest, members of the core group were joined by a number of volunteers to hold signs giving information on the devastating impact animal agriculture has on the environment, the cruelty involved, […]

Vegan Malta present on Television Malta

Throughout the last couple of years, Vegan Malta has been attending a number of shows on TVM (Television Malta). Being the most popular TV channel in Malta, Vegan Malta has managed to deliver the vegan message to a wide audience. Shows weren’t always about veganism, but the message still resonated with the topics discussed and […]

Eggplant & Black Eyed Pea Curry

Ingredients: -1 tablespoon oil (water works fine, too) -1 large yellow onion, diced -3 minced garlic cloves -2 tablespoons freshly minced ginger -2 tablespoon curry powder (mild or hot) -1 teaspoon salt -2 medium sized eggplant, peeled if desired and chopped into chunks -1 cup dry green lentils -4 cups vegetable broth -3 cups black […]


Ingredients: -1 teaspoon sesame oil -3 cups chopped mushrooms -2 tablespoons vegan Worcester sauce -1 small head of broccoli -1 cup sliced snap peas -1-2 red bell peppers -2 cups broth -5 tablespoons tahini Directions: 1) In a bowl, mix mushrooms and Worcester sauce and let sit for 10 minutes. 2) In a good sized […]