How To Clean Your Home, à la vegan style!

Most conventional cleaning products are horribly toxic for humans and very cruel to animals. pexels-photo-large

Changing once cleaning and personal care products to ethical alternatives is an important part of the vegan lifestyle. Not only are conventional products tested on animals such as mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits and more, by killing them and torturing them in horrific experiments, these products also commonly contain animal ingredients such as gelatin (which is derived from animal bones, ligaments, hooves and other parts of the animal), Ambergris (which is a substance produced in the intestines of sperm whales) etc…
Conventional products are also toxic, loaded with aggressive chemicals and not good for our planet.

So what to do if we want to stop using these products and switch to non toxic, vegan friendly alternatives instead?
You have come to the right place. Just keep reading, you’ll have all the answers by the time you’r done reading this 🙂

While there are excellent vegan products that are not tested on animals available on Malta, it’s often dramatically cheaper and surprisingly easy to just make them yourself, therefore I am going to share with you some companies and places on Malta where you can not only purchase cruelty free/chemical free cleaning products, but also find the supplies if you are interested in making your own.

First, let’s talk about what brands of cleaning products you should be looking for if you’d like to purchase your cleaning products ready-made.

Soap nuts are a great, natural alternative to your typical cruel and chemical laden laundry soaps. It is one ingredient (a soap nut!), and does wonders cleaning clothes.
Soap café in Sliema sells these (check the Vegan Malta Map for directions and contact details.)

If you prefer something a little less, um, crunchy, there are several vegan ready-made laundry soaps available on Malta.
Astonish is a family owned company that makes pretty much any natural cleaning product that you could want. This brand is sold in several places on the island, some locations would be ‘Sparkle image’ in Gzira and Marsascala.  ‘St.Thomas’supermarket in Marsascala. And ‘Ohio Mini market’ in Bugibba/St. Paul’s Bay.

In addition, Earth Friendly Products (Ecos) is my favorite natural cleaning company. 12421871_623405677807562_459513624_nThey also have anything you could possibly need. From floor to ceiling, they cover all of your cleaning needs. Both companies carry dishwasher soap, which is wonderful because I have yet to find a natural recipe that I feel does a decent job.  ‘Earth Friendly Products (Ecos) can be found in ‘PAMA Supermarket’, ‘PAVI Supermarket’, in ‘Shanti’ in Mosta, ‘Provita’ and ‘Sattva’ in San Gwan,  and ‘Soap café’ in Sliema.


Next, I’d love to share with you some of the simple cleaning products that I use every day and what I use them for.
Borax is not only great as a boost with whatever you choose to use for laundry soap, it’s also great for softening our water (by lowering the pH). Borax is also a wonderful substitute for chlorine bleach. You can use borax along with soap nuts for a really effective laundry cycle.

When it comes to the dryer, instead of dryer sheets, I like to sprinkle about ten drops of our favorite essential oil onto an old sock or cloth that i no longer use, allow it to soak in, and toss a couple of those in with our laundry to dry. The sock usually lasts about 5-10 washes before I have to add more oil.

When I need to clean the shower, tub, sinks, and toilets, I simply use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) andwhite vinegar. I make a paste with water and baking soda and use my scrub brush to spread it out over the entire area. I allow this to sit for 10-15 minutes (or longer depending on how dirty it is), and then spray down with white vinegar, let that sit for maybe 5 minutes and scrub it off.  For sinks and jobs that aren’t tough, I usually just rinse rather than scrub. If you dislike the smell of vinegar, it will go away shortly after, or you can mix a couple of drops of essential oil into your vinegar. If you would like an added antiseptic boost, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil.

This leads me to my counter spray, which is 2 parts vinegar, one part water, a few drops of tea tree oil, and also a favorite essential oil for scent (lavender or lemon is great!).

To clean our floors, we use a mix of hot water and castile soap. Castile soap is also wonderful for washing dishes by hand, and as hand soap. It’s also nice to add a bit of water to your castile soap and some essential oil for an even more pleasant scented hand soap. You can also boil down your soap nuts for an effective hand wash.

When our cook top gets greasy after cooking, I simply cut a lemon in half (or use a pre-squeezed lemon if I was using it in my cooking) and rub down the entire cook top. I allow that to sit, and then spray with my cleaner and wipe down.

With all of these recipes and natural concoctions, I pretty much can clean my entire home without harming anyone!

You can find those things in some grocery stores, as well as online.
Sodium bicarbonate can be found in small boxes at your grocery store, as its “street name” is baking soda! But, on Malta, Soap Café would be the absolute best place
to find the supplies you need to make your own cleaning products
(as well as your own beauty products!). You can find essential oils, as well as soap nuts, borax, sodium bicarbonate, rubbing alcohol, citric acid, sodium carbonate, all in bulk sizes.
The staff there is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful also, so don’t hesitate to ask her your questions on the subject and be confident about her great advice!


I hope that my natural recipes for cleaning supplies, as well as product suggestions help you live a more natural, healthy, cruelty free & vegan lifestyle in your home.

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