Nature Conservation On Malta, Thanks To Nature Trust Malta


Nature Conservancy is alive and well on Malta, thanks to Nature Trust Malta.
A group of people who I absolutely feel deserve all the support they can possibly get for the great work they do!
I had the pleasure of conversing with Karen, a lovely lady at the Wildlife Team and the Rescue Coordinator at Nature Trust.
Karen was happy to shed some light on their wonderful work of protecting our wildlife here on Malta.

Nature Trust (Malta) is an environmental NGO established in 1962.  Under the umbrella of their Wildlife Rescue Team, the Trust handles things like site management, education, conservation, lobbying, as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of protected and endangered wildlife. Not only does the team rescue and rehabilitate turtles, dolphins, and other marine animals like sharks, whales, and dolphins, but they also deal with hedgehogs, bats, chameleons, and snakes!
The Team consists of volunteers trained as divers, biologists, and medics, operating under MEPA permit (it is illegal to handle any protected species without a permit from MEPA). Each volunteer has a specific job. Some of these volunteers handle rescues and others focus on animal rehabilitation.  Though there are volunteers who are veterinary surgeons, people from all backgrounds are on the volunteer team.

You may or may not be aware that the numbers of protected species in the wild are dramatically falling (many to critical levels).  The fault of this falls squarely on human shoulders due to our egos. We adversely affect the environment, which is the home of these animals, via pollution (including littering), fishing, and more.  Nature Trust is dedicated to raising awareness of these dangers, educating people online, in schools and at public events, about how they can help, as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of already affected animals.

Pictured above is Letis the Turtle who was found trapped into the above pile of rubbish. She had swallowed a piece of a plastic which blocked her intestines and caused an infection. Due to this she also suffered of a collapsed lung which meant she could not swim or breath properly. Thankfully The Nature Trust rehabilitation team and Dr. Anthony Gruppetta worked tirelessly on her recovery. After 4 years in rehabilitation, she fully recovered and was finally set free!
Watch the video of her release HERE. 


We were very excited to find out that several members of the Nature Trust (Malta) Wildlife Rescue Team as well as the Council of Nature Trust are vegans and many are vegetarians looking to go vegan too! 🙂 These citizens are simply extending their compassion, hoping to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Would you also like to be part of rescuing wildlife? Then we’ve got some great news for you! 😉
If you would like to volunteer, you have several options. You can send an email to or simply message ‘Nature Trust Malta’ or
Nature Trust Malta – Wildlife Rescue Team’ on Facebook. Once you have expressed an interest in volunteering, you will undergo full training and then be granted a permit to handle animals. Additionally, you can volunteer your time doing administration work, working in the tree nursery, helping in cleanups, and various other opportunities. As a volunteer, no day will ever be the same, and you will feel the satisfaction of knowing you are actively doing something to help our beautiful wildlife. You can even get your entire family involved, as they also accept children as volunteers. What better way is there to spend a day off with your family than helping animals in need?

If you prefer simply to donate money to the cause, fundraising events are usually advertised in advance in the Nature Trust Membership Newsletter (which you can sign up to receive or view on their website) as well as being advertised on Facebook.
Donations can also be made by sending a cheque to:
Nature Trust (Malta),
Wied Ghollieqa Environment Centre, Lower Level Car Park 1,
University of Malta, Msida.

You can also donate by SMS by sending a blank text as follows:

SMS donation lines (1)

Finally, and most importantly, as global citizens, we must be aware of our impact. ALWAYS dispose of your litter properly. Animals can become entangled in rubbish or even ingest it and become severely injured and/or die. Whether you are driving a car or boat, be aware of your surroundings. Animals can be injured or killed by cars, boats and/or boat propellers too.
If you see an animal in distress, or even a dead animal, please contact Nature Trust ASAP.
The Wildlife Rescue Team is on call 24 /7, and you can reach them simply by calling
99 999 505. They will respond quickly and properly to your call.

Please spread the word about this wonderful organization.
Don’t forget to visit their website & their Facebook page for more information, as well as photos and stories.  Like them on social media, and share far and wide to spread awareness. If you can, donate or volunteer your time, and encourage friends and family to do the same. Nature Trust (Malta) works hard every day to protect the habitat of wild animals, lets support and help so that they can continue the great work!

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