The Earthlings Experience


On Saturday May 21st, Vegan Malta took to the streets of Valletta to participate in a global protest called ‘The Earthlings Experience’.

We wore black clothing, white masks, and held signs and laptops playing the documentary ‘Earthlings’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this documentary, it is simply an insight into the atrocities committed against animals by humans and consists of 5 parts:

1) Pets
2) Food
3) Clothing
4) Entertainment
5) Testing

The devastating reality is that this potentially life-changing documentary contains only a microscopic portion of what is happening every single day, in every single country, around the world. As animal liberation activists, we feel that by educating people and bringing to light the abuse and exploitation that is taking place, only then will people realise the kind of industries they are funding and will make more informed choices as consumers. ‘The Earthlings Experience’ was the perfect way to do this.

We wore masks in order to attract attention and to remain anonymous. It was also a way of showing that we were representing any member of society, non-human beings included, and encouraged the viewers to focus on what they were watching, without speaking or asking questions, in order to investigate and draw on their own reactions alone.

We knew that people would be curious and would want to ask questions, and of course we would want to respond to them so as to give them an insight into the reasons behind veganism and the benefits it has. Therefore, a few of the group members stood closer to the passing members of public, unmasked, and handed out small paper hearts with 3 useful websites on (including Vegan Malta of course…). This also gave people the opportunity to ask questions about what we were doing and why.

Overall, we had an extremely positive response. People applauded the work we were doing, and many didn’t realise the horrors that go on behind closed doors in the meat, dairy and egg industry. It felt good educating people, not just about food, but also about other aspects of their everyday lives that involve animal cruelty and how it can be avoided. That’s what veganism is, abstaining from all forms of animal cruelty wherever possible. It is a lifestyle, not a diet, and once you make that transition, it is hard to imagine ever going back.

No one in Vegan Malta was born into a vegan family. We all ate animal flesh and by-products at some point in our lives, and all ended up choosing this lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons. Veganism makes sense, it’s logical. It’s a matter of fact, not opinion. Living in line with one’s values is the best way to live.

Vegan Malta will continue to be a voice for the hundreds of billions of helpless animals who are at the mercy of humans, stripped from every bit of freedom they have and treated as mere commodities. By spreading the message of veganism, we hope this will encourage people to expand their circle of compassion to all living beings, and make more compassionate choices in their daily lives.

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