Vegan Malta present on Television Malta

Throughout the last couple of years, Vegan Malta has been attending a number of shows on TVM (Television Malta). Being the most popular TV channel in Malta, Vegan Malta has managed to deliver the vegan message to a wide audience. Shows weren’t always about veganism, but the message still resonated with the topics discussed and we were able to connect and reach out to people who have different views about veganism, but similar thoughts on the topics being discussed.


First Appearance – Animal Diaries in 2016

Vegan Malta’s first appearance on TVM was on the TV show called Animal Diaries in 2016, invited and hosted by Moira Delia. Chris Borg and Janice Mifsud, both representing Vegan Malta, joined this show which was dedicated to discussing veganism and vegetarianism. A number of ethical aspects of veganism were touched upon, mainly the reasons why we do not eat meat and why we do not consume dairy and eggs.


Sequel on Animal Diaries – 2017

A year later, Vegan Malta was invited again on Animal Diaries. In this sequel, we touched on other aspects of veganism. This time, Chris Borg and Leila Scott were invited to discuss other aspects of veganism, mainly consumer products such as washing liquids and makeup.


Skjetti – March 2017

Skjetti is a show intended to discuss certain common debates among society. This show was aimed to discuss veganism, and Vegan Malta was challenged to discuss the ethical and health aspects of veganism with Quinton the presenter, a meat lover and a nutritionist. The vegan philosophy was challenged in all areas, but Vegan Malta discussed all issues brought forward and proved that veganism has a solid backing in both morality and scientific research.


Discussing Animal Compassion on Skjetti – December 2017

Not all shows that Vegan Malta is involved in is directly related to veganism. Later that year, Skjetti made a series of shows during a week in December were they discussed multiple topics about how we treat animals in Malta. During this show, the heated discussion was mostly about zoos, pet welfare and food. Vegan Malta was present to discuss the ethics on what we consume and morality of using animals for entertainment.


It’s always a priority for Vegan Malta to be present to as many audiences as possible to deliver the vegan message and help educate the public about animal rights and against speciesism.

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