Loud Silence in Malta

On November 25th, Vegan Malta held a protest at St Anne’s Square in Sliema that is known internationally as ‘Loud Silence’.

In this silent protest, members of the core group were joined by a number of volunteers to hold signs giving information on the devastating impact animal agriculture has on the environment, the cruelty involved, and the health risks when eating an animal-based diet. All members involved remained quiet with the exception of three members that interacted with anyone passing by whose interest was sparked by the message that was highlighted during this protest.
These three members were ready to answer any questions regarding veganisim and provide any assistance to anyone who showed interest in this lifestyle by informing them with links, documentaries and other useful information.
The purpose of remaining silent throughout the protest was to highlight the fact that the victims of this industry don’t have a voice. They cannot defend themselves. We therefore let the signs speak for themselves. We provided the information for the public to see in the form of statistics, quotes and images to spread the message.
The term vegan is becoming more and more mainstream by the minute. It is a concept that challenges beliefs that have been passed onto most of us from an early age. With that being said, we were met by various reactions. Some were surprised by the severity of this unjust reality, some brought their arguments forth, others showed their support and appreciation for what we were doing, while some passers-by were opened up to a whole new world of information that they had never been confronted with.
Vegan Malta considers this event a success as it raised much awareness, not only by the face to face interaction that took place in Sliema, but also by the media, as the protest was featured on several Facebook pages as well as on the evening news. This ignited another wave of discussions, therefore spreading the message even further.
Lastly, Vegan Malta would like to thank all of the volunteers who joined us on that day to stand up for the animals and help spread the vegan message.

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