World Milk Day

June the 1st was World milk day where people around the World are encouraged to celebrate the benefits of The Dairy industry.

This created an opportunity for Vegan Malta to take to the streets to let the general public know the hidden horrors behind this evil and money-making cruel Industry and to show what really goes on.

Spreading the message about animal cruelty, the impact on the environment and explaining why dairy is bad for your health were the three main topics we discussed with the general public.

The public were shocked and upset to discover the brutality enforced on these beautiful peaceful beings. It disturbed them to learn about the repeated artificial insemination of cows against their will giving birth over and over, the male calves taken away and slaughtered while the female calves live an abused existence like their mothers. NOT the happy Cow the milk industry paints the false picture of.

So we hit the streets of Sliema showing dairy farm footage and offering people more  humane, cruelty-free, delicious, plant-based alternatives ranging from oat ,coconut , cashew, soya, almond, rice, hazelnut and chocolate milk, to a range of vegan, cruelty-free cheeses that were offered on toothpicks cut into small chunks along with a grape, which was a big hit with people. We also offered creamy cheese spreads, including sweet chilli and garlic and herb flavours, spread on crackers served by ten-year old vegan volunteer David who had taken time out of his day to spread the Vegan message of peace, love and compassion for all beings.

Having tasted these plant-based alternatives, seeing the horrors of the dairy industry and talking to the activists, many said that veganism was definitely an option they would like to explore. 

There was a guest appearance from Vegan Malta’s very own Daisy the cow who had a message of her own to spread. Daisy the VM mascot had a sign stating ‘Leave my tits alone’ which was a real eye-catcher and Daisy enjoyed spreading the message by posing for photos and waving at passing cars and passer-bys. We spoke to people from not only Malta, but various other nationalities ranging from teenagers to families coming from all walks of life helping us all come together to protect our fellow fur family.

It was a successful evening, and we are proud to say that many more people are now thinking about the vegan way of life which will lead to helping the animals, feeling healthier and saving our beautiful planet. 


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