Who is Vegan Malta?

Vegan Malta was founded in 2012 by a small group of vegans living in Malta. Our mission from the start was to educate people on veganism, what it is and why it matters. Our aim is also to show that a vegan lifestyle is easy to maintain, focusing particularly on Malta. In a country dominated by much talk on animal welfare, Vegan Malta was the first and currently the only voice discussing animal rights and anti-speciesism and promoting veganism on the islands.

Over the years we have observed that knowledge on veganism and the number of vegans in Malta, both Maltese and foreigners residing here has grown drastically. We plan on helping this trend to grow further by showing that animal use for food, clothing, entertainment, goes contrary to ethical beliefs many of us already have, while adopting a vegan lifestyle is easy to sustain with minimal effort.

We will also continue to be a point of reference where vegans and vegan-curious Malta residents, travellers and just about everyone could find vegan literature, recipes, vegan friendly dining spots and everything in between. We also aim to be more and more physically present in Maltese society sharing knowledge on veganism and animal rights.


So what is veganism?

The term vegan was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson who then went on to found the Vegan Society. He defined veganism as:

“A way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose.” – Donald Watson

A vegan lifestyle is not limited to diet, although a plant-based diet is probably the aspect of veganism getting the most attention. Vegans don’t eat animal flesh, eggs, dairy, honey or any other by-product of animal origin, yet just as importantly vegans do not buy leather, fur, silk or wool. A vegan would also make it a priority that the personal care and household products they buy have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients as well as not participating in entertainment activities using animals.


Why go vegan?

You could ask why go vegan to restrict oneself so drastically?

Although the above dos and don’ts may come across as restrictions, after adopting a vegan lifestyle most people agree to have opened themselves to a new culinary experience eating dishes they had never tasted and using ingredients they had never heard of before. The world is also getting used to veganism and vegan-friendly products are easy to find in any department be it clothing, personal care products, food and pretty much anything you could think of. In Prof. Fancione’s words:

“Go vegan. It’s better for your health; it’s better for the environment; and, most importantly, it’s the morally right thing to do.” – Gary L. Francione


Here are three of many reasons why we think you should go vegan:


Vegan For the Animals

“Animals and humans suffer and die alike. Violence causes the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life.” – Dick Gregory

If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we? Most people would agree that hurting animals for absolutely no reason would be morally unjustifiable. In today’s society animals are being confined, mutilated, killed and regarded as property for no other reason than human habit encouraged by a profiting industry.
In fact the amount of non-human animals systematically slaughtered through animal agriculture alone are mind-blowing.

Here’s a few figures to help you digest the extent to which animals are killed:
~60,000 per second
~3,600,000 per minute
~216,000,000 per hour
~5,000,000,000 per day
~36,000,000,000 per week
[^5x the total human population]
~1,900,000,000,000 per year

Using animals for our own benefits through food, clothing or entertainment is absolutely unnecessary in today’s world, therefore avoiding animal products by eating a plant-based diet and choosing to lead a vegan lifestyle is one of the most obvious and powerful ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and animal exploitation.


Vegan For Health

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” – Albert Einstein

More and more people are turning to a plant-based diet for its health benefits. Numerous scientific articles have shown time after time that veganism is not only able to maintain a healthy lifestyle but has also been associated with a healthy body weight, lower cholesterol levels, improved blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and lower risk of a number of cancers.

Well planned plant-based diets are rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential minerals and vitamins while at the same time being low in cholesterol, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants, which help combat the modern world’s biggest health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Vegan for the Environment

“The way that we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet. It pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and drugs. The results are disastrous.”- Dr. David Brubaker

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, that is more than the combined exhaust from all transportation in the world. Apart from polluting the atmosphere, animal agriculture also weighs heavily on the Earth’s always dwindling water resources, totalling 80-90% of our water consumption.

To give a better sense of perspective, 9500 litres of water are used for the production of just one hamburger. That is enough water to take a 5 minute shower every day for an entire year. It is not difficult to see the benefits of veganism towards a more carbon neutral lifestyle.


If you are interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle or would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email on veganmalta@gmail or messaging us on Facebook!


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