Plastic-free July: Breaking the habit

January is ‘Veganuary’, an opportunity for those who are curious about leading a vegan lifestyle to give it a try for a month, and hopefully, stick to it from then on. July is ‘Plastic-free July’, a similar concept which gives people the incentive to give up using plastic, finding alternatives along the way and becoming […]

The Ultimate Guide to Being Vegan in Malta

Whether you’re from Malta, live here or just travelling, here’s a guide to vegan living on the Maltese islands. If you use these guidelines alongside the Vegan Malta Map you are sure to find it easier to go vegan and stay vegan while living in Malta! Shopping for food: Vegan staples can now be found in most supermarkets […]

How To Clean Your Home, à la vegan style!

Most conventional cleaning products are horribly toxic for humans and very cruel to animals.  Changing once cleaning and personal care products to ethical alternatives is an important part of the vegan lifestyle. Not only are conventional products tested on animals such as mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits and more, by killing them and torturing them […]