Donations – Cow Costume

Vegan Malta is an educational organization before anything else. 
We wish to peacefully educate the public about the benefits of veganism for animal rights reasons firstly but also for environmental reasons and for the health and wellbeing of humanity too. We choose to do so by mostly holding stalls and interacting with the public in various ways. For some of these activities we thought it would be useful to have a MASCOT. A beautiful cow, that would represent Vegan Malta. A cow mascot standing close to our stall, perhaps with a sign, maybe handing out flyers, or perhaps even handing out dairy milk alternatives to the public to try ☺
This will surely bring attention to the stall by those walking and even driving pass. Which will then hopefully help us reach more people. 
Of course we will most probably use our adorable mascot for other events as well, she might appear in videos and news articles also 😉 

Please help fund us buy a good quality mascot to represent veganism and Vegan Malta by donating HERE!