Donations – Flyers / banners / posters / stickers / cards

Vegan Malta is an educational organization before anything else. 
We wish to peacefully educate the public about the benefits of veganism for animal rights reasons firstly but also for environmental reasons and for the health and wellbeing of humanity too. We choose to do so by mostly holding stalls and interacting with the public in various ways. For these types of activities, we use FLYERS to share the information with those interested (we never just hand out flyers to people walking by as to not create waste) but a fair amount of money goes to printing costs. 
We also need professional looking BANNERS to make the stall look good, as that may be the first impression people have of vegans and veganism on the island, so we find that a good looking stall with a relevant and professional looking banner, is important. 
We also do “stickering campaigns” to share vegan awareness to the public and need CARDS printed so that they can be handed out to businesses to get them onboard the V-Alternative campaign, and more. (Learn more about the V-alternative campaign here).

Please help fund us in spreading the vegan message on the island by donating HERE!