Donations – VR Headset

Vegan Malta is an educational organization before anything else. 
We wish to peacefully educate the public about the benefits of veganism for animal rights reasons firstly but also for environmental reasons and for the health and wellbeing of humanity too. We choose to do so by mostly holding stalls and interacting with the public in various ways. For some of these events we will be using our VIRTUAL REALITY HEAD SETS. 
Through the lenses of a virtual reality headset, viewers can feel like they are inside the slaughterhouse, trapped alongside all the other animals, and ultimately, sharing their fate.

“You stand next to a mother pig as she gives birth for the sixth time to piglets who will soon be taken away from her. You experience the extreme confinement of birthing crates.”

“You witness the daily suffering that takes place inside a pig farm. You are right there when they take their last breath.”
This immersive experience with the use of the VR headsets is a very powerful tool to be used in activism and to help share with people what goes on behind the very thick walls of the slaughterhouse. Something they have done so well in hiding for so long must be brought to the public. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” 

Help us bring these ‘glass walls’ to the public. By funding the Virtual reality headsets.